League of Independent Organizations

We believe every organization deserves the opportunity to realize itself to the fullest.

The League of Independent Organizations (LIONS) is the official autonomous government of unaccredited student organizations in Ateneo de Manila University.

LIONS believes that Ateneans have the right to organize; to pursue their respective advocacies and passions for a better society.

Recognized by the Loyola Schools in 2017, LIONS aims to empower independent organizations by promoting their creative purposes, representing them in University bodies, and creating a community that fosters inclusivity, excellence, and integrity.

With that — LIONS, together with the Office of Student Activities, welcomes students who wish to join an organization or even start one of their own!

Enter the LIONS domain.


Office of the Coordinator

This department makes sure that the organizations are well-represented as a sector in matters relating to the Sanggunian and other offices or committees in the Loyola Schools through constituent consultations and policy legislation. This department is also in charge of human resources - ensuring that the members have enough opportunities for growth and leadership in the LIONS community.


Cristina Batalla

Department of Internal Affairs

Department of Sectoral Affairs

Office of the Secretary-General

This department ensures that our activities are well-documented, organized, and transparent for all stakeholders who wish to learn more about LIONS. They also assist in facilitating the registration process of organizations that would like to join the community.

PROCESSES: Documentation, Knowledge Management, Org Registration


Associate Secretary-General

Department of Finance and Logistics

This department is in charge of supervising the financial, logistical, and budgetary procedures and needs of LIONS. They ensure that organizations have proper access to resources that will sustain them throughout the year.

PROCESSES: Supervision of Finance & Logistics & Budget Procedures, Funds Acquisition, Reimbursements and Accounting, Logistics Management


Associate Director for Finance

Associate Director for Logistics

Department of Communications

This department is in charge of the promotion of LIONS by creating delightful and informative publicity materials to keep the community up to date and engaged in the happenings of LIONS.

PROCESSES: Supervision of Communications, Publicity Materials, Social Media Promotion and Management


Associate Director for Creatives

Associate Director for Public Engagement

Department of Community Affairs

TThis department is in charge of cultivating a culture of collaboration between the organizations in the LIONS community and establishing good relations with outside bodies.

PROCESSES: Inter-org Interactions, External Relations and Partnerships


Jazmin Reyes

Associate Director for Special Efforts

Associate Director for Partnerships

Department of Organization Development

This department is in charge of spearheading the growth of our member organizations through creating training initiatives for leadership and capacity building as well as providing assistance for accreditation.

PROCESSES: Capacity and Capability Building, Accreditation Assistance


Patricia Policarpio

Associate Director for Training

Associate Director for Accreditation

Interested in joining the Coordinating Body?