Ateneans Guided and Inspired by their Love for Animals (AGILA)

Your partner for animal welfare


Who Are We

AGILA is an organization made up of Ateneans that creates an avenue for their passion for animals. It aims to promote Animal Welfare to the Atenean community, its students and employees, by lighting the spark of each individual's love for animals which will, in return, help our furry friends in and outside the campus.

Why should you join us?

  • If you’re an animal lover or just want to see our furry friends living their best fur life, we will make sure that your love and care will not go to waste. Everything we do here in AGILA is for the benefit of our furry friends in order for them to find their forever homes.

Our Yearly Projects


These webinars will be in line with our advocacy of informing others about Animal Welfare and how to achieve it.

Pets of Ateneo (tentative name)

This project aims to boost social media engagement by asking for stories from pet owners to be shared on our page where people can relate and be inspired to share as well.


This is a week-long event that aims to advocate Animal Welfare through various activities such as donation drives, talks, and many more.

Shelter Visits

The Animal Rescue Center visit or Shelter visit is a session at a partner organization where members can help out in the daily activities of an animal shelter or rescue center. (due to COVID 19, this may not be possible)