Blue Bird Improv

β€œBe your most authentic self.”


Who Are We

Blue Bird Improv aims to provide specialized training sessions and workshops to develop the improvisational skills of both members and non-members and promote personal growth. We host shows and events that showcase the skills of our members and provide an avenue to bring entertainment to the greater community. Through this, we wish to create spaces where anyone is welcome to come as the most authentic version of themselves, because anyone can do improv!

Why should you join us?

  • βœ” Learn the art of Improv Theater, where every performance is unplanned, unscripted, and spontaneous.
  • βœ” Promote improv not just as an art form but as an avenue for self-improvement.
  • βœ” Be with a group of fellow Birdies as you all go through your improv journey together.
  • βœ” Join a community that actively listens, lives in the moment, and embraces all our mistakes happily.

Our Yearly Projects

Birdies Authentic Self-Improvment Course (BASIC)

Training sessions for our new members where we teach you the basics of improv, culminating in an optional show

Miscellaneous Improv Shows

Improv shows featuring various members and groups trained by Blue Bird Improv, including our very own House Team

Open Workshops

A workshop for open to everyone in Ateneo to get a small taste of improv