Blue Symphony Orchestra (BlueSymph)

β€œMore than an Orchestra”


Who Are We

The Blue Symphony Orchestra is the university's premier student-led orchestra, cultivating music appreciation in all its members and seeking to share this value within and beyond the LS community.

Why should you join us?

  • βœ” We offer something for everyone passionate about music. For both instrumentalists and non-instrumentalists, Blue Symphony offers its members the opportunity to develop themselves as musicians and music listeners. From performing to concert production to design, Blue Symphony has something for everyone, even without any prior orchestral experience.

Our Yearly Projects

Annual Year-End Concert

As Blue Symphony's flagship project for the year, the year-end concert highlights the best of the best from all aspects of Blue Symphony. From performance to production, this concert is a culmination of a year's worth of preparation and puts Blue Symphony's best foot forward.


Blue Symphony's Showcase is another one of Blue Symphony's concerts that features smaller chamber ensembles to perform different original arrangements by our members. The Showcase helps highlight different individual members' skills while playing in smaller ensembles.