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Who Are We

BYTE is the home organization of the BS Information Technology Entrepreneurship (ITE) course in the Ateneo de Manila University. We aim to provide various opportunities to our members to develop ITE's 3Hs [Hacker, Hipster, Hustler], while cultivating an inclusive home organization.

Why should you join us?

  • βœ” If you are interested in tech entrepreneurship, getting involved in the startup scene, and being part of a welcoming and supportive community that will help create the next big innovation, you should definitely join BYTE! We offer various opportunities for learning, application, and networking; and various activities such as talks, workshops, summits, competitions, and more! Sign up and join BYTE now!

Our Yearly Projects

Startup Summit

Startup Summit aims to be the participants' first foray into the Philippine startup scene. The event will gather great minds and incredible talents from the local startup community into one place to exchange, cultivate and share ideas between each other and the participants. Individuals from the scene will share their valuable experience and wisdom through talks whilst startup booths will be providing internship and job opportunities. Startup Summit will not only introduce startup ecosystem but also pull participants into its magnificent world.

Nibble Series

Nibble Series aims to arm its participants with the necessary knowledge to overcome the insurmountable task of creating a great startup. The event will take its participants through the steps they have to take - from ideation to launch. Professionals from the industry will be holding workshops to provide direction for its participants as they embark on their own startup journeys. The innovation challenge will grind the participants' ideas, knowledge and grit as they work to be the most creative and groundbreaking team. Nibble Series is the stepping stone for anyone who would like to venture into the unknown world of startups and create the next big thing.


ITECH is an online platform where BYTE members can access various resources that supplement their learning of ITE's 3Hs β€” Hacker, Hustler, Hipster.

Online BYTE Tables

Online BYTE Tables is a recurring online activity that aims to replicate the physical BYTE tables by providing members an avenue to bond through sharing, movies, games, karaoke, and more.


Reboot is ITE's Freshman Preparatory Course composed of talks and activities aimed at introducing freshmen and new shift-ins to the course and the BYTE family.


FrostBYTE is BYTE's Christmas celebration which includes a series of activities such as exchange gifts, letter writing, Christmas movies, Christmas karaoke, and more.