Contemporary A cappella Singers Assocation (CASA)

Home is Where the Music is


Who Are We

As the Philippines' premier collegiate pop a capella group, CASA strives to release life into the world through the music of our voices.

Why should you join us?

  • We are an org where our focus is on the sense of passion and the sense of community not in balance but in complete harmony.
  • As diverse as our own individual taste in music, we confidently boast being "evenly odd" as our own individual traits complement each other for our love to sing.
  • Singing in a capella, as the singer harmonizes with others, is truly a life-giving experience of connection.

Our Yearly Projects

Open Mic Night

CASA’s Open Mic Night is open to all types of performers who wish to share their talents with other people. The transition to the online platform will enable all performers (both from our own organization and outside) to reach a wider audience and share their love for the arts.


As CASA's favorite holiday, we believe there is no better way to feel the spirit of Christmas than through singing; and it is our job to help reminisce all your favorite contemporary Christmas songs.


CASA is bringing back the times of serenading your loved ones but as you guessed it, we’re going online! We’ll be taking requests from people who want us to perform a song for the special person or people in their life!

Grand Concert

Our grand concert serves as a culmination of everything we built this year. This project is the perfect opportunity for all the members to really shine and showcase their different talents to all!