Developer Student Clubs - Loyola (DSC Loyola)

Uplifting communities through technology

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Who Are We

Developer Student Clubs Loyola is a student organization in the Ateneo de Manila University powered by Google Developers that aims to build students’ skills and network by giving them access to different technologies, specifically Google Developer technologies like Android, Firebase, Angular, Flutter, Google Cloud Platform and many more. Together, we learn in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for the community.

Why should you join us?

  • We believe that DSC Loyola is one of the organizations that thrive amidst this pandemic. With this, we can be able to help bridge the gap that the Loyola Schools and organizations lack with solutions that we can help provide the Ateneo community

Our Yearly Projects

Cloud Study Jams

A series of workshops with topics ranging from Machine Learning, BigQuery, to Kubernetes. These workshops are tailored to fit members’ diverse skill levels and aims to provide them with practical knowledge on Google Cloud Technology.

Tech at Home

A student-led online technology seminar series that teaches new technologies, especially Google technologies to a wide and diverse audience.

Eagle Hacks

A week-long series of workshops and seminars, culminating in a two-day hackathon where students can exercise their skills in software development while making an impact on society.