Junior Fellowship for Financial Literacy (JFEL)

Elevating Financial Literacy


Who Are We

JFEL is an avenue for the students of Ateneo de Manila University to pursue their interest in various fields within the finance industry.

Why should you join us?

  • Community - JFeL is a community of students who want to understand the world around them through finance. This organization is for students who want to be surrounded by like minded people with an interest in financial activities, especially the stock market.
  • Opportunities - Graduated members of JFeL are presently employed in various sectors of the financial industry such as Investment Banking, Brokerage firms, and Financial Research. JFeL provides its members opportunities to meet its alumni in order to learn about professions in the finance industry.
  • Social Responsibility- JFeL aims to elevate financial literacy not just to individuals inside Ateneo but also outside the institution. The goal of our corporate social responsibility initiatives are to empower communities and create a social impact through finance.
  • Joining Junior Fellowship for Financial Literacy will give you the trading edge.

Our Yearly Projects

JFellow’s Carnival [First Semester]

JFellow’s Carnival is a new initiative that started as a small event during last year’s SOM Business Month. On its first year as an independent project, JFellow’s Carnival is a one-week event which serves as an avenue for members to hone their financial skills through fun and exciting activities. It also aims to promote that learning about finance doesn’t have to be all about trends and numbers. It can be done through games, too.

JFeL Global Equity and Advanced Research Simulation (GEARS) [Second Semester]

JFeL GEARS is the organization’s premier stock trading competition that aims to find the best student trader all across different universities in the Philippines. JFeL GEARS has been running for more than 3 years and it has been able to award more than Php 30,000 worth of prizes to its winners. Now in its fourth year, we aim to bring JFeL GEARS to a greater reach and motivate more students to try the stock market.

Financial World Simulation (Second Semester)

Financial World Simulation is a 2-day case study which aims to find the best student investor in the Ateneo. This event challenges participants to test their financial knowledge and acumen in a simulated financial environment. Financial World Simulation aims to promote different investment options and financial instruments to students while giving them more exposure to realistic financial happenings in the world.

JFeL Summit

JFeL Summit is a one-day seminar which serves as a platform for students and professionals alike to gather and discuss various topics of finance in different fields of work. JFeL Summit serves to culminate all the learnings and skills that members have garnered throughout the school year. In this event, students can expect to interact with professionals who have hands-on experiences and dealings in the financial world.