League of Atenean Historians (LAHi)

β€œMake History Your Story!”

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Who Are We

The League of Atenean Historians (LAHi) is a place for enthusiasts of all types of history! LAHi believes in showing others that history is a part of everyday life and something that can expand a person's view of the world. Therefore, non-history majors are welcome to join as well.

Why should you join us?

  • βœ” You can hear about the weird and unconventional stories that go on in human history, people and events that you wouldn't normally hear in a classroom
  • βœ” You can meet and bond with people that share the same historical interests as you
  • βœ” You can have a place where you can meet with other history majors, who can help give you advice throughout your time as an Ateneo student

Our Yearly Projects

Past Meets Present

Are you a trivia fanatic? Do you love knowledge and aren't afraid to show it? Well look no further than Past Meets Present! Past Meets Present is a quiz bee tournament that asks its players various questions from different fields of history, ranging from Greece & Rome to China & Korea, with pop culture topics like film and video game history thrown in as well. With tons of prizes for the winning team, get together with friends, and show your stuff!

Historical Sites & Museum Field Trips

Have you ever wanted to visit museums around Metro Manila and Luzon? Have you ever wondered what happened to some of the places affected by different world events? LAHi's got you covered! Join us as we visit different places in the Philippines to learn the stories that these places have to tell!

History Talks

Have any questions that your history classes don't cover? Are you interested in hearing about the stories of people that have taken part in large historical events? Or are you just curious about the weird and funny stories about people from long ago? LAHi's got you covered here too! We've got talks from Ateneo's Department of History that scratch that history buff itch!