β€œExplore Tech with Us”


Who Are We

OpenSource strives to provide students a community that is inclusive to anyone who is willing and interested to learn about tech; a community whose members come from diverse perspectives, fostering innovation and creative thinking; and a community that learns about tech and creates it for the purpose of enabling themselves and others to do more.

Why should you join us?

  • βœ” Tech doesn't have to be all technical but can be practical and fun 😎 Join us as we build a community of students from any background wherein we can advocate for technology that is enabling, interdisciplinary, and inclusive!

Our Yearly Projects


Our flagship project, TECHx is a talk and mixer event that discuss how technology is integrated in different areas of society and in our daily lives. We try to foresee the future technology intends to build.

Workshops on tech

OpenSource holds workshops from practical tech skills to creative applications of tech to give members the skillset to build something for themselves and the community.

Think Tank

An ideation competition where in students are given the time and resources to be able to come up with technology-based solutions to modern day challenges.