Project KaBUHAYan

MSME Improvement through Empowerment

Community development

Who Are We

Project KaBUHAYan aims to creates socio-economic impact on MSMEs in the Philippines.

Why should you join us?

  • Adapting into the new normal, MSMEs have leaped into the unfamiliar with plans of restarting and keeping their businesses thriving. Join us in the spirit of bayanihan as we stand with filipino entrepreneurs in confronting these challenging times.

Our Yearly Projects

Online Market

The Online Market aims to establish a mini-mart wherein products of the partner communities will be showcased not just every weekend but, every day at online platform. It also aims to increase the profits of their businesses in light of the situation of COVID-19.

Business Modules for the Youth

This project initiative aims to educate our Filipino youth on the benefits of starting a business, including its social and economic impacts to society, as well as to inspire the youth to not be disheartened or scared to start an entrepreneurial mindset and pursue it.

TAGuyod Initiative

A two-part initiative that aims to maximize social media’s reach, this initiative involves sharing a series of publication materials to inform and educate a wide audience while simultaneously promoting MSMEs and their products.

KaBUHAYan Sessions

The KaBUHAYan Sessions is the flagship project of PK that aims to empower partner communities in financial literacy and entrepreneurial development through modules and workshops. This initiative is usually done physically but the department is looking into online sessions.