Project LAAN

Fighting Poverty Through Health

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Who Are We

Project LAAN fights to ensure that all Filipinos can exercise their right to health, especially the poor who need it the most. Project LAAN identifies itself with the tagline “Fighting Poverty Through Health,” which means empowering individuals to make informed health decisions to rise above poverty.

Why should you join us?

  • Now, more than ever, is the link between public health and poverty most evident and pressing.
  • Heading into our 10th year as an organization, our aim is not only to bring awareness to the advocacy, but to build understanding, informed discourse, and responsibility in our members all while providing them avenues to exercise their learnings.
  • Members of Project LAAN will be immersed in the public health advocacy and will have the opportunity to learn more about the Philippine health system and health communication through workshops, talks, module development/research, and community initiatives for our partner communities.
  • Aside from this, members can work with our production and design teams, organize campaigns and discourse talks, set up fundraisers, contact appropriate sponsors, do administrative work, and more! Public health calls for people from ALL fields/sectors; there’s a place for everyone in Project LAAN!

Our Yearly Projects

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Summit

The Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Summit is Project LAAN’s annual flagship project. In line with the organization's thrust for public health advocacy, it will be a two-day symposium wherein people from different sectors and walks of life collaborate together for public health discourse and patient empowerment; bringing in various lenses that seek to give a more nuanced discussion on issues concerning the Philippine healthcare system. In the lead-up to this event, a series of campaigns will tackle salient public health issues beyond the medical perspective, and shed light on how these and the UHC Law affect all sectors of society. In addition, community and online modules will also expose the participants beforehand to evidence-based material delving both into a general and a deeper view of UHC. Through these pre-event activities, members and non-members of Project LAAN alike are able to have a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of UHC and their place in it.

Public Health Days (PHeD)

Public Health Days (PHeD) will be an online weeklong project filled with webinars, activities, challenges, and more dedicated to Project LAAN’s public health advocacy, curated for members inside and outside of the organization to learn more about public health concepts in a more engaging and hands-on manner.

Community Initiatives

Project LAAN aims to help increase the empowerment and capacity of its partner community to make informed and appropriate health decisions through executing modules, research initiatives, and interventions based on the prevalent diseases and other health-related concerns of the community. Activities are also conceptualized based on their context i.e. what would realistically change their perceptions towards better health making behaviors. Project LAAN also responds to non-modular matters such as any problematic circumstances or unaddressed needs of the community. For this, Project LAAN has held several fundraisers for the community's ambulance repair as well as COVID-19 responses to provide food (PusoKitchen) and sanitation kits (Laban SaKIT) to the community members.

LiPHad: Lessons in Public Health Advocacy

LiPHad: Lessons in Public Health Advocacy is a series of campaigns that aims to tackle sectors and issues beyond the traditionally medical perspective of public health. The campaigns' goal is to identify the pressing issues being faced by these sectors and how the UHC Law affects them. The campaign will have three phases based on issues relevant to the Ateneo Loyola Schools community: environment and disaster management, gender and sexuality, and mental health.

Online Pledge Week

Online Pledge Week is a week-long fundraising activity in which promotional materials that showcase Barangay Calawis in Antipolo and our initiatives for them will be posted on the Project LAAN Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter. This event aims to encourage pledging and donating small amounts of money to fund future initiatives for the benefit of the organization’s partner community.