Excellence in Progress


Who Are We

WriterSkill provides a community for writers pursuing the betterment of their craft.

Why should you join us?

  • WriterSkill has a place for anyone in its community of creative minds and literary buffs of all sorts, all dedicated to sharing their ideas and works.
  • WriterSkill guarantees opportunities for you to reach and even exceed your potential as a writer, turning anyone into the best authors that they can be.
  • WriterSkill gives its members access to invaluable resources, such as critical texts, excerpts of literature, and resource speakers.

Our Yearly Projects


At the heart of WriterSkill experience is the Workshop, an event in which members develop their craft through the advice and critique of fellow members. Usually held four times a year, members have the opportunity to submit their works. Members read each other’s piece prior to the workshop proper, upon which they share their thoughts and comments through an open discussion guided by one of the org’s Workshop Facilitators. Afterwards, members may revise their pieces for a chance to have the final version published in our annual chapbook.

Genre Talks

To cater to the varying literary tastes of writers, WriterSkill hosts symposiums called Genre Talks for different kinds of literary work. Here, a professional is invited to speak about their genre specialty, sharing their experiences and techniques when tackling the craft.


WriterSpeac is the organization’s annual open mic event wherein members may perform dramatic readings of literary works or their own writing, musical acts, and even stand-up comedy. The event encourages confidence and creativity in one’s own craft by sharing it with friends and peers in the org who’ve shared their journey.